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creating custom connections

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Simple Loyalty/Ordering Solution

Smooth integration to you existing SwiftPOS solution

Use the power of SwiftPOS to configure your loyalty solution with points, reward campaigns and vouchers


  • Loyalty system

  • Points

  • Rewards

  • Vouchers

  • Inbuilt Notifications

  • Custom App


  • All of Standard

  • Standalone Membership Sign up

  • Member Renewal Payment Gateway


  • Add on Orders at any time

  • Pickup and Delivery options

  • Products loaded from SwiftPOS

Note: Requires SwiftPOS with Members Module

3rd Party Integration setup help to MailChimp

We can create custom data from SwiftPOS which sends automatically through Integromat to your MailChimp account.

You can then set up "Automations" in MailChimp to send out emails

when a loyalty member reaches a milestone or a simple welcome email.


We've Come a Long Way

The Web App was originally created by Remedy Group in 2017.

Remedy Group was a SwiftPOS reseller based in Christchurch, NZ with over 40 years of combined experience in Point of Sale.

Loyal Connect was set up specifically, from Remedy Group, to concentrate on a Loyalty Solution. Once Covid hit in 2020 it was apparent that an Ordering Solution was needed so was integrated to the Loyalty Solution.

The web app has been built specifically to integrate into SwiftPOS.



Tony has over 30 years experience working in the Point of Sale industry. He first sold cash registers back in the 90's then as technology changed he moved on to Quest and SwiftPOS. He understands hospitality and is always willing to achieve customer satisfaction for all his customers.



Paul has worked with Point of Sale for over 15 years with various point of sale companies. He has exceptional knowledge about Point of Sale Systems and Critical System Operations. With the explosion of systems automation, he understands and listens to customer's needs to fulfill their requirements.


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